Biography and Artist Statement


Steve Hubball is a singer-songwriter living in Carlisle UK who has been on the folk scene since the early 70’s, and received his inspiration from traditional folk musician Ewan MacColl and the folk rock band Steeleye Span. 

Steve’s heart-felt, sensitive and often spiritual songs really touch the emotions, and bring healing to the soul in a troubled world.  Steve’s new song about Angels, co-written with Peter Madeley, has received strong acclaim since its release: 

“I felt like I was in a Cathedral surrounded by many special angels.  The lyrics melted my heart and I felt like the world was filled with love.”  J.L. Singer, UK 

“The song took me to another place.”  K.B. Professor of Music, Berklee College, USA. 

“The quality of the sound recording was really professional - you sounded as though you had an orchestra on stage with you.”  T.M. Singer, UK 

Steve is currently pursuing an online Bachelors degree program in Songwriting with Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.  Steve performs his songs and poetry at folk clubs, open mics and festivals throughout Cumbria, UK, and his new album, co-written with Peter Madeley, will be released in 2020. 


I am a singer-songwriter aspiring to make deep heart-to-heart connections with my audience in both a spiritual and emotional way.  Writing and singing songs of the human experience, I aim to help people become aware that they are not alone in their suffering.  I want to show people that there is a voice for those who wish to express their deep inner feelings.  Many of my songs also explore our connection with Nature, with Mother Earth, and with the healing spirit of the Universe, bringing healing to the soul in a troubled world. 

Working mainly with my co-writing partner, the themes and concepts for my songs revolve around the strong emotions concerned with such topics as loss of parents and loved ones, rejection and stress.  Other topics include environmental issues and wildlife protection, and the longing for a spiritual connection in our busy and stressful lives and in the world at large. 

I have a passion for country/folk music, both traditional and contemporary.  It developed in my early days at University and this interest is strongly influenced by my upbringing in the inner city suburbs of Birmingham, UK.  I now live near The Lake District National Park, and a love of wild places and mountains inspires me to write songs that explore our mystical and sacred connection with Nature.  Furthermore, my long term interest in meditation, healing and Eastern philosophy allows me to add a refreshing spiritual dimension to my work.